G/L Postings Audit Information


The purpose of this process is to provide auditors with detailed financial information so they can properly perform an audit on financial statements produced by the Advantos BackOffice ™ software application.

When audits are performed on financial statements there is a lot of information requested of the management company by the auditors. This information can be delivered in a variety of ways; pdf reports, copies of paper, spreadsheets, etc. Since the Advantos BackOffice ™ software application maintains the books for properties that have had tens of thousands of audits prepared on them, most of the information is specifically suitable to auditing.

However, it sometimes occurs that auditors want to use data for their own purposes. In these instances, providing data in an Excel format will provide the auditors with everything they need.

Creating a Data Transfer Job

You can create a simple transfer job to create an Excel file useful to auditors. The following is a simple job that will provide a common Excel (".csv") transfer file.

You can change the client number of the output by altering the text in the "Enter a SELECT statement:" field by altering the 1st four digits of the "INDEX_2" value to be the client no., right-justified in a field of four zeros (e.g. client# 70 = "0070").

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