Accounts Receivable Frequently Asked Questions


There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions answered here. In order to view the answer(s) you should click on the question and you will be able to review the answer.

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How do I change the G/L acct# for a current invoice?

Delete the invoice, assuming it is unpaid, and reenter it using the correct G/L account numbers. If the invoice has been paid, a credit for the same amount should be created and another invoice, using the correct G/L acct#, should be created.

How do I correct a receipt posted to the wrong invoice?

Once an invoice has been paid you cannot unpay it. You can only Reverse the receipt (creating a receipt reversal invoice) then reenter the receipt, applying it to the correct invoice.

This module doesn't allow the recreation of invoices once they are paid. One could, however, create a mirror-image credit and charge then apply the credit to the presently unpaid invoices so theat the charge remains.

How do I correct a receipt posted using incorrect source?

If the source is unacceptable, simply BAKOUT the receipt, using the Post Charges/Credits program, and reenter the receipt using the correct source. Apply this reentry to the BAKOUT invoice just created.

How do I correct a receipt posted to the wrong Customer's account?

BAKOUT the receipt using the Post Charges/Credits program then reenter the receipt to the correct Customer account.

How do I rerun the Monthly statement(s)?

Simply refun the Print Monthly Statements process. There is no harm in running statements more than once unless, of course, you mail them more than once.

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