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Breaking news is always presented here. Come here when you're interested in the latest breaking news about Advantos Systems, Inc. and their products and services. Current news provides the kind of news that is often pertinent over a much longer period, say several months to a year. Our newsletter archives are available for your review at any time.

Breaking News

Advantos Enterprise™ BackOffice v8 is Now Available - Advantos has now completed testing for their second generation web-based property management software product. Clients can now take advantage of the new capabilities available; such as data exporting, violations, CRM capabilities, bank integration, and many others.

Use of AccuTerm or wIntegrate - Advantos has upgraded their enterprise application to no longer require the use of any telnet client. Use of Advantos Enterprise™ BackOffice requires Microsoft's Internet Explorer and future versions of Advantos will utilize any web browser. Hometastic .NET can utilize any web browser because this application is available to all residents of all of our clients.

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Advantos Systems, Inc. is always making efforts to increase communication with our clients. It is our desire to provide this newsletter as a means to communicate with both our clients and potential clients.

A newsletter is an excellent means to communicate information about our products and services but also to let readers know answers to specific questions that often come up in daily business. We're also going to include common questions regarding the use of our Advantos Enterprise product.

Advantos Enterprise is an enterprise software application and clients seldom use the entire spectrum of capabilities available within the application. Clients tend to use a common set of features and particular features specific to their business. These particular features differ greatly from one client to the next.