About Us

Advantos Systems, Inc. is a software provider of property management software solutions. Our Advantos ERP application was designed and built by management company owners and property managers for management companys. Our property management software uses several technologies and integrates nicely among the numerous modules. It is designed to run on servers, where support and upgrades are significantly easier to manage. Our software solutions have been implemented and operational for over 25 years, thus they are highly functional, very quick, and particularly stable.

The company's Enterprise application includes modules to manage all facets of real estate management, including full financial reporting, work orders, violation tracking, delinquent management, and banking modules for electronic funds posting. Our product has been web-enabled, allowing clients access to their data via our server as an SaaS on-demand solution (Software as a Service), or via their own in-house server.

Company History

Since 1979, we have been developing and implementing property management software solutions for the real estate industry. Our advanced technology offers property and asset management options for every size operation. Our clients span from companies managing billions of dollars of real estate portfolios to small and mid-sized property managers.

Our flagship products, Advantos ERP BackOffice™ and Hometastic Homeowner Portal, provide real-time reporting and streamline many aspects of the property management workflow. Our ERP application includes a fully integrated General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Trust Receivable, Banking, Maintenance, Budget Forecasting, and Security to handle the core requirements of our customers and their clients. We also have optional modules for Corporate Receivables, Payroll, and Web administration. Our headquarters is in the Las Vegas, NV area, with development and support resources in various locations throuthout the United States.

Total Cost of Ownership

Advantos ERP BackOffice™ has been installed in many property managment companies during the past 25 years. It has been tested and stablized around a wealth of primary functionality and added technology. Advantos has upgraded their products to operate within a "server based" computing model and via web-enabled access. This allows a dramatic advantage with regard to initial cost, implementation costs, support costs, and maintenance costs. In other words, Total Cost of Ownership.

We computing resources operate out of several states and our servers can service you from any location in the world. Our goals are to continue to provide our customers with the most cost effective property management software environment.