A Letter from Bill Haskett

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving2018 has been a very busy time for Advantos.  We have completed upgrading and expanding all of our servers and are now testing running all of our applications on Virtual Machines.  This will have a dramatic improvement to our server performance and expand our capacity to provide for our new clients.

We have installed our new Advantos™ ERP BackOffice infrastructure into this new virtual server environment, along with our Hometastic Web applications, including the Web Portal). Our preliminary testing shows a tenfold increase in application performance which will cut down on delays running large processes.

We are encouraging our current clients to contact us to schedule an upgrade...


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All customers have access to resources that include an administrative manual, on-line help for each web form, as well as telephone and email support for our Advantos ERP application.



Advantos applications offer a wide variety of solutions to anyone offering property management services. Check out our website for more information on us and our applications.


Partner News

Encore Property Mgmt, located in Corona, CA, is one of our many clients located throughout the United States.

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Recent Enhancements.

We'd like to remind everyone that Advantos ERP v8 has been released to production.  Advantos™ ERP v8 payroll has now been released too.  Give us a call to arrange a quick review of the product and a time schedule for upgrading.

In keeping with our promise to constantly improve our products, we've added a number of important enhancements. Contact us for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What charges are reviewed during the delinquent fee process? Delinquency fees are a complex process. There a number of rules that are applied and the user has the opportunity to influence many of these rules. Check out the delinquent fee process for more information

Support Corner

How does one go about adding a link to an image for an individual violation?  Identify the link, click on the Attachments link on the violation form, within the "Violation" section, then enter the link, as will be used in a new browser tab or window, and a short description of the link.

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