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Happy SpringOur featured client this month is Encore Property Management, located in Corona CA. They have been owned and operated by Susan Beaver since 1993 and currently manage 44 Homeowner Associations in the Riverside County, San Bernardino, and Orange County. With an efficient staff of 19, and the use of modern technology, Encore has effectively implemented their “Going Green” program by utilizing an electronic storage system where all Association files are stored on a dedicated server. Board packets are sent electronically prior to Board meetings and I-Pads are used during the meeting, which eliminated the need to print and mail hard copies.

Encore has utilized Advantos (formally known as Data Trust) in their Accounting Department, since December 1995 and eagerly anticipate upgrading to the Web-based product later this year. Controller, Jenev Boyd met with her staff to get their opinion on the user functionality from a “day to day” operations standpoint.

“We currently use Advantos for all accounting functions, including collections. We are able to process almost $1 million of A/P and almost $3/4 million of receivables on a monthly basis for our (44) Associations with ease. The system facilitates us exporting our ACH (Automatic Clearing House) file for the collection of monthly assessments in addition to importing Remittance. The Data Transfer feature is used to create a database for the completion of a Microsoft Word mail merge for our late and demand for payment letters. We also export homeowner information into an excel spreadsheet for the processing of yearly coupon books.”

“Working in Advantos is easy and worker friendly. We are able to look up our customer information and make corrections without any problems. It has the option of placing notes which provides a very important piece of needed information.”

“Easy to work in….lots of different options for the same information.”

As Encore continues to grow, they are dedicated to providing strong customer service based Association management to their communities and welcome the challenges of staying involved with CAI and CACM. They believe that in order to provide excellent service to their Homeowners, they must continually be aware new laws that effect Associations.

If you are starting a new business or want to upgrade your current account software, we recommend giving Advantos a look. The products and service they provide are “Top Notch” and will serve as an asset to your business.

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