Advantos Enterprise Upgrade

by: Bill Haskett, President

Advantos ERP Upgrade We, at Advantos have been busy since our last newsletter. We have been working on our enterprise application to allow the use of any web browser. In addition, there are a number of enhancements and upgraded processes that are included.

We upgraded our web framework away from one Microsoft technology to another and this allows users to use the web browser of their choice. We are running this upgrade in our testing environment and are using it for our own corporate books and for application testing. This new version should be ready by late June and current Advantos customers will be upgraded at no charge.

We have also upgraded our Windows servers to the latest stable version of Windows. We have upgraded our web site to use a secure and encryped connection instead of an standard un-encrypted connection. This secure and encrypted connection has been active in our Hometastic® application for over a year.

We have made a number of enhancements to our application. We have enhanced importing to include importing A/P and posting invoices as paid items. This saves a great deal of time posting ACH checks. We have enhanced our electronic banking to automate importing remittance files and bank transactions facilitating bank reconciliations (BAI2 formatted files). If banks provide this service then Advantos can automatically import the data too. We have enhanced the ability to send emails on work orders and customer service requests, including integrating customer requests with Hometastic®.

We have also provided a number of fixes to various issues including monthly reporting, security enhancements, integration of "real-time" accounting information to Hometastic®, improved logging, etc. Call us for more information.


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Customers have access to resources that include an administrative manual, on-line help for each web form, and email support.


Our Partners

Vantage Community Mgmt, located in the Lacey WA area, is one of our many clients within the United States.


Special Notice

Are you using the Advantos ® Customer Service Action Requests? CSARs can track any office contacts and tasks and can be included on the Hometastic Web Portal. This is a great way to track owner contact and Board assignments for presentation at Board meetings; let them see how much work you are doing.


Our Clients Ask Questions.

See what our clients are asking. Do we need to constantly upload documents for Web Portal access by homeowners? The Hometastic ® Web Portal is a service offered by Advantos that allows homeowners and board members access to both homeowner accounts and standard association reports.

The Hometastic ® Web Portal can be accessed from either the client's Hometastic ® web site, the client's individual web site, or the management company's web site. So take advantage of this opportunity to lower your work load and improve communication with the

All information on Hometastic® is in "real-time", which means there is no need to constantly update Hometastic with weekly delinquency reports, A/P invoices due, financial statements, bank balances, etc.

Using Advantos to Improve Your Business Success

Using Advantos to improve your business success. Advantos ® ERP software was designed to work as the core of a property management business. All of the processes are designed to assist the management company to be more efficient, resulting in improved profitability. Our Accounts Payable module can create NACHA files to pay bills and can import invoices, say from a utility company, en masse.

All of our modules automatically interface with the General Ledger module, where all standard general ledger reporting is accomplished in a "Trust" and secure environment.

Our Corporate Receivables module allows the maintenance of the corporate A/R by automatically tracking and creating transactions rather than forcing users to manually post transactions to the G/L separately, which is not recommended.

Advantos ® modules all integrate seamlessly with the other Advantos ® modules in order to make management of all the transactions you will encounter easier and more secure.

Contact us for help with tracking activity within your office.

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