Adobe & Windows 10 Issue

by: Bill Haskett, President

Adobe and Windows 10 Issue It has come to our attention that the most recent Windows 10 update has broken the Adobe Acrobat Reader's print functionality.

See this link (if you want).

Rather than taking the advice of Microsoft, and uninstalling updates, or re-installing Windows completely, we recommend taking a couple of known steps to resolve this issue.

First, try to fix Internet Explorer. Second, try to fix Adobe Reader. As a final option, disable the Adobe PDF Reader add-on in Internet Explorer. One of these three options will usually resolve this Windows 10 issue.

Try the following:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on the settings "gear" then select "Internet Options".
  3. Click on the "Security" tab.
  4. Uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox.
  5. Restart Internet Explorer (close it completely then reopen it).
Another option is to:
  1. Open Adobe Reader DC (you probably have this).
  2. Click on "Edit > Preferences".
  3. Select "Security (Enhanced)".
  4. Uncheck "Enable Protected Mode at startup".
  5. You may have to uncheck the "Enable Enhanced Security" checkbox. Not sure though.
  6. Save everything by clicking [OK].
One of these should resolve the issue. If it doesn't then you will have to "disable" the Adobe PDF Reader add-on in Internet Explorer, so Adobe will copy the PDF to your desktop then automatically open Adobe Reader to read the document.


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Property Mgmt Svcs, Inc, located in the Anchorage AK area, is one of our many clients located throughout the United States.


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Are you using the Advantos ® Customer Service Action Requests? CSARs can track any office contacts and tasks and can be included on the Hometastic Web Portal.


Our Clients Ask Questions.

See what our clients are asking. Can we allow homeowners to notify our office via the Web Portal? You can configure Hometastic ® to put a link to the CSARs on the Web Portal. Thus, a homeowner can contact your management company and the contact will be logged into the Advantos ® application and the appropriate Property Manager will be notified via email.

CSARs are always logged into the Advantos ® application and are used to monitor and track homeowner contacts and employee tasks. They can be created from the user's "Favorites" menu or from the Hometastic ® Web Portal (as noted).

Using Advantos to Improve Your Business Success

Using Advantos to improve your business success. Advantos ® ERP software was designed to work as the core of a property management business. All the processes are designed to assist the management company to be more efficient, resulting in improved profitability. Our Accounts Payable module can create NACHA files to pay bills and can import invoices, say from a utility company, en masse (as a whole). All of our modules interface automatically with the General Ledger. Our Corporate Receivables module allows the maintenance of the corporate A/R by tracking and creating transactions rather than forcing users to post transactions to the G/L (via Journal Entries), which is not recommended.

Advantos ® modules all integrate seamlessly with the other Advantos ® modules including the General Ledger. This makes management of all the transactions you will encounter easier and more secure.

Contact us for help with tracking activity within your office.

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