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by: Bill Haskett, President

Looking Forward to SpringDuring the last half of 2017, the company has been testing running our application on Virtual Servers. This testing will be continuing into next year. The purpose of this is to dramatically speed up performance by utilizing high-speed hardward and solid state drives instead of mechanical spinning disk platters on older disk drives.

We have installed our new Advantos™ ERP BackOffice infrastructure onto this new server environment, along with our Hometastic Web applications (inluding the Hometastic Web Portal). The new v8x BackOffice application has many enhancements that are being tested in the new virtual environment.

The new Advantos™ ERP application has quite a few enhancements in it. Customers who would like to upgrade can review these enhancements prior to upgrade in order to determine if these enhancements meet their company needs.

We are stil upgrading several customers who are using the older character-based application via a telnet client. These upgrades are quite seemless with very little disruption of their business operations.


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All customers have access to resources that include an administrative manual, on-line help for each web form, as well as telephone and email support for our Advantos ERP application.


Our Partners

Encore Property Mgmt, located in Corona, CA, is one of our many clients located throughout the United States.


Special Notice

Haven't talked to us about upgrading to version 8? Call our office to schedule a preview & find out more about the upgrade process.


Our Clients Ask Questions.

See what our clients are asking. Deborah from Vantage Communities in Olympia, WA asks, "I want to do Direct Deposit Payroll. Is there documentation on how to do this?" Yes, here is the link: Advantos Help. Direct Deposit Payroll is set up in the Payroll Module, but uses the same process as the Tenant Receivable System to create the ACH file and Transmit to the bank. You must run a Prenote, which is a zero amount file to test the bank account numbers. If you don't run the prenote, the ACH will not be created. After the prenote tests the bank account numbers, when you run payroll, the Direct Deposit employees will get a check stub report instead of the payroll check. Check with your bank on the amount of time it will take from delivery of the ACH file to when the deposit will hit the employee's bank account. You will need allow for this time in your payroll scheduling--if checks are to be in bank by the 15th, and it takes two days to arrive, you will need to run payroll on the 13th (dated the 15th) in order to deliver payment on time.

Using Advantos to Improve Your Business Success

Using Advantos to improve your business success. Advantos software was designed to work as the core of a property management business. All the processes are designed to assist the management company to be more efficient, resulting in improved profitability. One of the many available features are the HOMETASTIC WEBSITES. Are you using them to improve your relationship with your client boards and owners and enhance staff efficiency? The HOMETASTIC WEBSITES are designed to be an electronic bulletin board. Information is posted there by the management company and is available to owners and board members, based on a security level. Being able to direct people to the site for information reduces office contacts--fewer phone calls, emails and drop ins!. Recently, we have heard from several clients that they are setting up sections on client sites for real estate agents and rental managers to access information. This has assisted with providing information without the usual interruption and redirection of staff time. Another use for the site is to have information available for renters, especially compliance standards and house rules. Providing these documents has helped landlords and rental managers direct renters to information that will improve compliance results.

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